Dr. Mariela Cogorno is passionate in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic dermatology. She is a true believer in the process of the transformation of her patients skin  through established protocols that come with any given treatment; be it laser, botox, fillers or just simple daily routines established after a visit to her clinic in Coral Gables Florida.  Her goals are to help her patients reach their full potential in achieving  healthier skin, that make them glow and stand out from the rest. 

After any visit, all patients go home with a daily routine that can help achieve this goal. Every patient has a unique skin type, hence the need for a unique protocol and top of the line products that can be recommended and taken home for daily use. We wanted to offer our patients the opportunity to continue their skin rejuvenation treatments, by offering access to the same products we have at our office via an easy, secure and fast online store. 

We are proud to launch our online store www.ShopCogornoMD.com and offer direct access to our recommended brands, many that cannot be found at other online pages. The brands and products we have chosen to offer are top of the line, and carefully selected to cover every unique need in our patients. 

As we tell all our patients: “There is only so much we can do during your visit to our office, the most important part comes at home; following the recommended daily skin routines that can enchance a healthier and radiant skin”